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    About the Artist

    Genie Sue is pictured here with her good friend and teacher, Erv Dixon, at his Cedar Creek Pottery in Beatrice, Nebraska.


    Genie Sue became interested in pottery when she was exposed to the amazing pottery of Japan while studying there her senior year at Carleton College. She was fasinated by the mixture of function and expression she saw in the endless array of dishes used in preparing and serving every meal. She was particularly interested in the way that beautifully handmade utilitarian ware could become the focal point for cooking and eating, activities that create opportunities for forming longlasting and meaningful relationships. 

    After she married, she was able to spend time pursuing her interest in pottery. She attended the University of Kentucky and studied with Byron Temple.  She fell in love with the deeply rooted craft tradition that permeated the Eastern Kentucky Hill cutlure. She later moved with her family to Miami, Florida where she continued to develop her pottery skills at the University of Miami. There she studied with Irv Dixon, Christine Federighi and David Vertaznik.  She completed her Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Miami in 1978.  Her masters thesis focused on the exploration and development of techniques used by early Peruvian and Native Potters of the Southwest known as Terra Sigillata.  She worked many years using those techniques and firing her work in sawdust.

    When she and her family finally settled down in Idaho, she was able to establish a permanent studio and ventured into producing functional pottery.She also became involved in the operation of non-profit agencies serving low income families in Idaho and strayed from the world of art for about 30 years.  Now that she has retired, she is returning to her roots and is producing both functional and decorative ware.



  • Current Terra Sigillata and Raku

    Rabbit Olla 15"/8"

    Peruvian Style Pitcher (4"/5")

    Raku Jar 10"/10"

    Ginko Basket Raku and Cane 19"/7"

  • Early Work

    Terra Sigillata

    Baby Doll on a Pillow

    Baby Doll on a Divan


    Fish in a Basket


    Gallery Scene

    Sawdust Fired Terra Sigillata Olla

    Sawdust Fired Terra Sigillata Olla

    Sawdust Fired Terra Sigillata Olla

    Sawdust Fired Terra Sigillata basket

  • Current Functional Work


    Pitcher 15"/8"

    Mixing Bowl 10"/10"

    Creamer and Sugar

    Bread Baker

    Pitcher 6"/7"

    Two Pitchers

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